Thursday, October 16, 2008

our daily activities

our daily activities
(this isn't our "schedule"- i haven't included times or the snacks that we take in between)

daily journal: girls have 10 minutes to write on one page in their journal. they are free to practice letters/numbers, draw a picture, or just doodle. after journaling, they share their page with me and their sis. if they drew a picture, they dictate what they want me to write on their page.

calendar: sing the days of the week song and volunteer counts the days with a pointer.

morning message: volunteer helps to read and do the following:
....Good Morning!
....Today is _________.
....The art room (we call our class the "art room" helper is _________.
....______ likes ____________. (volunteer can say anything they wish and i write it)
....______ can _____________.

we use this time to highlight a particular letter of word.

word wall: we have each letter posted on the wall with a sheet of construction paper under it. every so often we have a different "theme". we've done fave foods, names of friends/family/etc. after singing alphabet song, volunteer/art room helper tells me what words to write on a few word cards and then they take turns posting the word under the right letter.

word book: when i feel like we have enough words listed on the word wall, we start making a word book/binder out of those words. i prepare a binder that has all of the words from the wall along with a picture of each. (one word per page) the art room helper takes one word from the wall and matches it to the same word in the word book. after doing a few pages, we write a simple sentence using the word. ("We like pizza.") we then read a few of those pages.

calvert story/activity: from the official program

art project: the girls love art!

free play: they also have lots of time to play dress up, play with blocks, argue, fight, help me cook, do their chores (pour drinks, clear their room, help set the table), play with water table, etc....

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